What We Do

Foreign Media is a private consulting group that works with investors and venture capital firms to aid in the investment process specific to the field of emerging technologies. We help analyze the viability of any new or existing project by vetting all components; the team, the tech and the market to provide a comprehensive analysis of the potential and risk.

The Team

We have a wide range of experience vetting teams and individuals through all different stages of a product's lifecycle. Regardless of management style or methodology, we can provide valuable insights, analysis and recommendations.

The Tech

Execution is just as important, if not more important than the idea itself. We provide in depth analysis of existing systems, platforms and architecture. We take a top line view on technology and make recommendations on how it affects the business as a whole.

The Market

With emerging markets, it's hard to know where technology is moving. We can provide a look at the market potential by comparing similar markets and by examining how consumers adapt and grow with new products.


We provide profitability analysis of the current model and will recommend changes to maximize profits across all areas.


Having to re-engineer a product can cripple a company. Know where the pain points will be before your product begins to grow.

Risk Analysis

It all comes down to potential and risk. We can give you a clear picture of your investment as well as any potential pitfalls to avoid.

Hot Markets

Online Space — Q4 2015 Deals

Education Technology ($1.06B)

$1.06B $1.06B

Advertising Sales & Marketing ($927M)

$927M $927M

Business Intelligence, Analytics & Performance Management ($1.53B)

$1.53B $1.53B

Offline Space — Q4 2015 Deals

Consumer Products & Services ($2.59B)

$2.59B $2.59B

Mobile & Telecommunications ($8.08B)

$8.08B $8.08B

Healthcare ($10.1B)

$10.1B $10.1B
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